Friday, May 26, 2006

when videoblogging becomes (online) film making

i've been following the videoblogging movement for a while now, i always thought of videobloggers as the next generation of (online) film makers and now there are signs that this is really happening.

but first: i think it is perfectly o.k. to be "only" a videoblogger and to use the technologies of our time to communicate with your (video)blog audience using short videoclips. there is a lot of potential in this, some of it we might not even have realised yet...

still i often find some - not all - videoblogs just not interesting enough - like with blogs it all depends on the content and the way it is done. it probably all comes down to one thing: telling a good story well (and not just "broadcast yourself").

one of the most important aspects of story telling/filmmaking is knowing about the necessity of editing your footage (and of course writing/developing/editing your script first).

this is why this particular project here that just came to my attention is one that i find specially interesting, and why i believe we now see parts of the videoblogging community develop into a new form of independent online filmmaking: have money will vlog.

it basically is an attempt to raise micro donations that will allow a particular videoblogger/film maker to realise/finish his/her online vlog/film project.

when you read the faq you will see that some of the leading videobloggers are behind this project, but they are not the ones who will see the money: "We consider any project, but since we’re doing this for free, we promote projects we like. If we don’t choose to pitch your video project, don’t let it stop you. Just go to and raise your own money. We are simply cheerleaders." and further: "Unlike Paypal, the creator gets the money ONLY if the project meets its goal. This way you know you are always funding a winner."

i also like the first project they want to help getting made, a documentary about a very interesting (and funny) young man who got into trouble and now tries deal with life and society. 100 hours of footage have been shot, the vlogger/film maker needs money so can afford to edit/publish the vlog/documentary: human dog - proposal (direct video link).


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Blogger Markus Sandy said...

Thanks for the great post Kevin. The community interest in this project is wonderful to behold.

People are pledging support for Chris' project and several new project ideas have already been submitted.

We are planning to open the submission review process to the community as well and are forming a new Google group where people can give feedback on submitted projects.

Click here for more information on the HMWV online group.

11:29 PM  
Blogger digital_kevin said...

thanks for the comment markus. i'll keep following the videoblogging re/evolution with great interest. the hmwv project really does look like the right kind of idea to bring videoblogging/online filmmaking to the next level...

10:45 AM  

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