Sunday, February 26, 2006

blogging without technorati...

this is to test if technorati is still not listing my newer blog entries.

after searching technorati i found a couple of other users who once had a similar problem. one user suggested to have a closer look at the css sheet. i checked my blog with the w3c validator and made some changes to the style sheet. while it still has one mistake (the validator does not like a "0" value that the firefox logo uses), all the other mistakes left seem to have to do with blogger. but since most sites i then checked with the validator have more mistakes than my blog, i don't think that this can be the problem. i also mailed technorati a couple of days ago, no answer yet.

i now had a look at some other blog search engines:

google blog search
: finds my blog entries, but lacks a lot of features that technorati has.

icerocket blog search: can be a bit slow and the way the results are listed is a bit confusing sometimes, but it also tells you who links to a blog. while i found one link to my old blog that technorati had not listed, i found most, but not all of the others links.

blogdigger: i'm not quite sure yet how to make the best use of it, it also does not list my blog at this moment, but it might be an interesting smaller search engine.

while i don't like the fact that my newer blog entries are not listed anymore at technorati, i think this is a good reminder of how important diversity is: if you only rely on one service/site/company you might have a problem one day. and if then there is no other search engine with all the features that technorati has, this could be a real problem. not just for me.


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