Wednesday, April 05, 2006

this is apple killing windows

this is so true, as others have noted earlier:

maybe the coolest thing that apple did today when now letting people use windows via the new boot camp (what a name: boot camp for windows!) on an intel mac is to redesign the windows logo and make it look good! this is totally genius.

this qualifies for a first mash-up of the decade candidate!

apple redesigning windows. apple embracing it - with a kiss of death.

what this means: now windows officially is only a complicated, ugly and virus plagued platform you have to use if you want to play certain games or if you work in a windows environment. but for your digital lifestyle: enjoy your mac - and you're welcome to switch more and more to our superior os x...

it's not (only) (the now outdated) "intel inside", but "os x installed!" deal. ("no microsoft windows needed.")

this is apple killing windows. steve wins. bill looses. wow.


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